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After registering, use the map to browse for a course that suits your skill level and goals. New courses are constantly being added.
Courses are downloaded using Runner Credits which can be bought or earned.
Make your way to the suggested parking area and then use the game to get your bearings and find the start location.
Start the clock and study the first leg of the course. Each leg you will receive a small map section showing your current checkpoint and an arrow pointing to the next one.
Using the map and compass, make your own route choice to get to the next checkpoint while receiving feedback from the game.
As you approach the checkpoint, your location will appear on the screen to help you home in on the exact point you need to reach to receive your next map segment and destination.
If you leave the displayed map area, the game will let you know and help you back on track. If you are struggling for any reason, you can enable the visual GPS tracker.
When you complete the course and arrive back at the start, you will receive your final time along with times for each leg.
When your device is online you can compare your times with everybody else who has completed the course.
New courses are constantly added by other users. If there is an area that you like to run, you can create your own course and earn free credits.
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